Golden Visa for Portugal
Residency in one of the safest countries in the world with a high quality of living
Starting investment

at €280,000

Processing time

6 months

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Opportunities for other investments
  • €280,000 — Property must be older than 30 years, located in a low-density area, and undergoing renovations
  • €350,000 — Rehabilitating high-density commercial buildings
  • €400,000 — New commercial properties in low-density areas
  • €500,000 — New commercial properties in high-density areas (including Lisbon, Porto, Algarve)
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Residency-by-Investment programs are widely available in Europe, including the Portugal Golden Visa. In 2012, it was enacted to allow civilians from outside the EU to hold a residence permit in exchange for a 5-year investment in real estate. Golden Visas are popular with investors: 27,000 have been granted in the past 10 years alone.

The process of obtaining permanent residency in Portugal is not as complicated as it might seem. Take advantage of Portuguese residency benefits by investing in Portugal Golden Visas, getting a Portugal business investment visa, or making a Portugal Golden Visa investment. There are, however, some subtle things and nuances to consider before applying for Portugal Golden Residency.

The Portugal Golden Visa program offers many benefits. The country does not require you to live on its territory for decades in order to get residency. One of the key benefits of Portugal PR is its low residency requirements. Portugal Golden Visa benefits include the right to live, work, and study in Portugal, a relatively low investment requirement, the best climate in Europe, and a relaxed pace of life.

The benefits of a Golden Visa for Portugal
  • Ten-year beneficial tax regime (NHR)
  • In five years, you will be an EU citizen
  • A low cost of living, a safe environment, and good healthcare are available
  • A high level of education
  • Among the best climates in Europe
  • Ideally suited for retirement
  • Digital nomads’ dream location
  • Permit to work in Portugal under the Golden Visa

With the Golden Visa Portugal, investors can apply for a special Non-habitual Resident (NHR) status for a period of 10 years. In Portugal, you don’t have to pay taxes on global income if you have NHR. Due to this, it is crucial that the income tax rate here can reach 48% without the NHR.

Portugal’s citizens are allowed to live in any EU country and travel visa-free to 187 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In 6-8 months, the whole family will have a residence permit

The following family members are eligible for residence permits under the Portugal Residence-by-Investment Program 2022:

  • Spouse
  • Children who are legitimate (regardless of their age)
  • A child born outside of marriage (regardless of their age)
  • The main applicant’s parents and/or spouse

Individuals who have obtained a residence permit in Portugal will be issued a separate document.

.Real Estate InvestingInvesting in FundsCapital TransferInvesting in BusinessesPreservation of cultural heritageScientific activity
Minimum investment amountStarting from €280,000Starting from €500,000Starting from €1,500,000Starting from €500,000Starting from €250,000Starting from €500,000
Return on investmentDepends on the projectYesDepends on the optionDepends on the projectNoneNone
Investment returnsDepends on the project3-10% per yearDepends on the optionBefore getting citizenshipNoneNone
Retention period5 years (before getting residency permit / citizenship)Depends on the fund (5 years to get citizenship)Five yearsBefore getting citizenshipOne-time non-refundable contribution - guarantees citizenshipOne-time non-refundable contribution - guarantees citizenship
NotesMost popular optionMost convenient passive investmentInvestment to choose: - a deposit account in a Portuguese bank -shares / stocks of Portuguese companies -capitalization of the company in Portugal.With an investment of €350,000, you need to create 5 jobs. When creating 10 jobs, there is no minimum investment amount.--
The fees and costs involved

Processing fee — €533

Portugal Golden Visa applicants must pay a processing fee. Term renewals are due at the beginning and end of each term.

Initial Application Fee — €5,325

Portugal Residency by Investment 2022 requires a fee of €5,325 per person.

Renewal Application Fee — €2,663

It is important to keep in mind that each application renewal costs €2,663.

The next step is to discuss additional fees related to a residence by investment in Portugal. Depending on your investment type, there are many other fees. In the case of real estate property, the stamp tax would be 0.8%.

In the case of capital transfer and investment funds, stamp tax would be zero percent.

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Golden Visa vs. other residence permits

D7 Visa

One of the biggest advantages of the Portugal residence permit program is that you do not need to live there all the time. The number of days is just seven per year. At the same time, D7 Visa requires you to be on the country’s territory for at least 6-8 months. D7 Visa holders can also become Portuguese citizens only if they live in Portugal for five continuous years.

A standard proof of income is required for the D7 Visa. Visas are granted to those who present a minimum amount of €8 460. The starting investment for Portugal Golden Visa is €280,000.

Entrepreneurs, independent service providers (outside of the EU, Switzerland, or EU), and freelancers may qualify for the D7 Visa.

D2 Visa

D2 Visas fall between Portugal Golden Visas and D7 Visas. The applicant must also start a business in Portugal and invest a minimum of €50,000. Actually, it would help if you prove that your business is viable. So the more you invest, the higher is chance you’ll get this visa.

HQA Visa

It is a hybrid startup visa combining company formation and the funding of an R&D project in collaboration with a government-supported research facility and a leading Portuguese startup incubator. The minimum investment amount for this option is €175,000.

Let’s see our best examples of Portuguese real estate and learn about conditions of funding to get the Portuguese Golden Visa!
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What is the process for issuing a residence permit?
It is a transparent and straightforward process
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Migronis is an international company with Ukrainian roots based in Europe. The company’s owner, Anatoly Letayev, is a well-known entrepreneur, a human rights lawyer, and an expert in citizenship-by-investment. Living in Portugal, he is a strong proponent of personal freedom.

Local presence

We have established our head office in Portugal to meet the needs of our customers at the highest level. You might definitely save time, effort, and money by doing this. Additionally, we have offices in Ukraine, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus. In addition, we can handle the entire application process on behalf of the client since we have local presence in many countries.

Multilingual team & multicultural environment

It is vital for an international company dealing with the CBI market to have team members with a wide variety of cultural knowledge. Until we understand our customers and their needs, we cannot provide them with the best service possible.A unique product or development is available to you. As a local company, we are able to personally check everything related to real estate and many other issues since we work with the most trusted developers.

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#1 Program for you if you’re looking for:
Beneficial tax regime (NHR) for 10 years
Inexpensive investment options and strong returns
Low cost of living, safety and healthcare
Quality of education
The best climate in Europe
Perfect place to retire
Ideal spot for digital nomads
One of the most crypto-friendly countries
Relaxed pace of life

An investment of €280,000, which you can return in just 5 years

94% of applicants choose residence by real estate investment
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Why did I choose Portugal?
ANATOLIY LETAEV Founder of Migronis

I settled in Portugal after living in three countries. Moreover, I’ve discovered three Portuguese cities and got a complete picture of the local life.

Yes, Portugal Golden Visa is the fastest way to get an EU passport and a comfortable tax status with 0% global income. It is also a wonderful country to live in.

  • It is an excellent choice of schools, a mild warm climate all the year, and a convenient travel hub.
  • Portugal is one of the top 5 safest countries worldwide, and you can just feel it strolling down the streets.
We will help you with other questions as well.

Investments starting from €280,000 to get residence permits for the whole family. The process usually takes up to 6-8 months. One visit to Portugal is required.

  • Opening a local bank account
  • Local tax residency
  • Insurance registration
  • Choosing a school / university for children
  • Company registration

We will help you find the solutions to any issue; for example, we will guide you to get a mortgage for 30 years at 1% per year for 59% real estate cost.