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Migronis promotes the idea of total freedom in terms of Flag Theory.

You can design your own world in several countries: choose a tax residence, a country to raise and educate children, a passport for visa-free travel, a place for storing financial assets.


  • 1 flag — Citizenship
  • 2 flag — Residence
  • 3 flag — Business
  • 4 flag — Banking
  • 5 flag — Countries for life
  • 6 flag — Information security
  • 7 flag — Digital assets

Residency and citizenship by investment programs is the key tool to build such a secure world with no borders.

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The Flag Theory dates back to the 60s. It means you do not depend on one system but choose the best ones working for you.

Anatoliy Letaev, Founder of Migronis

Portuguese lifestyle, open-minded culture and friendly business environment attract people from all over the world. It is one of the safest countries in Europe with an amazing nature.

It is a popular destination for business relocation because of its loyal tax regime and growing startup community.

Two RBI programs help you become a full-fledged resident of this country. Although they have different conditions and requirements, both are very well-liked by our customers in the EU.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portuguese Golden Visa Program offers different options. The most popular is investment in real estate. More than 90% of applicants chose to get a Golden Visa this way.

Investment starting at €280,000

Key benefits: Family members can be included in the application. Also you will receive an opportunity to profit from a beneficial tax regime (NHR) for 10 years.

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HQA Visa

HQA visa – Portuguese hybrid startup visa combining company formation and the funding of an R&D project in collaboration with a government-supported research facility and a leading Portuguese startup incubator

Investment starting at €175,000

Key benefits: It is the fastest way to get EU residentship. You will own 95% of the startup. The business incubator takes care of all the paperwork, creates a company and a bank account, and patronizes the project.

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Caribbean countries

Caribbean Citizenship is one of the best cost-effective solutions for those who want to get a second passport. The 5 most beautiful Caribbean countries can give you just everything, depending on your taste. Prowling chalk-colored beaches, towering volcanic peaks and upscale resorts. Hike or learn windsurfing in order to do deep-sea fishing. All different and unique, these countries offer plenty of beneficial options for those investors who set their eyes on these places.

What is more, Caribbean countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, which includes the UK and almost all of its former colonies. This is the reason why the Caribbean region has a visa-free regime with Great Britain and many other privileges.

Saint Lucia

Investment starting at $100,000

Taxes: No global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance tax

Key benefits: The largest number of investment options, including government bonds. Visa-free travel to 146 countries.

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Antigua and Barbuda

Investment starting at $100,000

Taxes: No tax on worldwide income, inheritance, capital gains or investment returns

Key benefits: Powerful passports in the world, offering visa-free travel to a vast majority of destinations worldwide. Tax-effective solution for crypto entrepreneurs.

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Investment starting at $150,000

Taxes: Tax-friendly regulations. No global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance tax

Key benefits: Visa-free travel to 144 countries, including China, UK and EU Schengen Area. Possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa to the United States.

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Investment starting at $100,000

Taxes: No global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance tax

Key benefits: Dominica CIP program, which has proven to be cost-effective for single applicants, allows visa-free travel to 143 destinations worldwide.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

Investment starting at $150,000

Taxes: No global income, dividends, wealth, and inheritance tax

Key benefits: Tax residents of this country may appreciate the legalization of cryptocurrency by the government. Visa-free entry to 156 destinations worldwide

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Saint Kitts and Nevis is one of the most famous tax-havens. The country attracts crypto investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

“Everybody in the world should have a second passport. You don’t know when a government is going to go crazy."

Interview with Roger Ver
Tax Benefits of Caribbean Citizenship

PDF, 6 pages, 3 mb.

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We will help you with other questions as well.
Opening a local bank account
Local tax residency
Insurance registration
Choosing a school / university for children
Company registration

Investments starting from €280,000 to get residence permits for the whole family. The process usually takes up to 6-8 months. One visit to Portugal is required.

We will help you find the solutions to any issue; for example, we will guide you to get a mortgage for 30 years at 1% per year for 59% real estate cost.

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